We are continuing our work in Central Kurdistan. During the conflict with the Islamic state we we had a need to focus on medical injuries of war, but as the battles wane we can focus on the much more urgent training of auto accident and home injury that are the primary killers on Iraqi Kurdistan.

In the face of decades long refugee encampments, tremendous earthquakes and pathogen rich climates, there is a direct need for this kind of work in Nepal. Our first call to travel elsewhere has been through a social worker with several decades of work in the camps around Kathmandu.

We are currently seeking liaisons in Ethiopia. With the highly changing democracy in Ethiopia we see the start of a discrete need for the education we can provide in this environment.

Northern Alaska:
Members of our medical team on deployment in Alaska have discovered a discrete need for our services in the native villages. We are in negotiations with tribal liaisons to begin working in this area in 2019.